Altimeter ISA500.png


  • 120 Meter Range
  • Millimeter Accuracy
  • Integrated AHRS (Heading, Pitch,    Roll)
  • Free Intuitive Software
  • Digital and Analogue Interfaces
  • Emulate Any Device
  • Robust mall Form Factor Housing
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Multi Echo Output
  • In-Field Firmware Updates
  • Wide Range of Variants

Altimeter with optional integrated Attitude & Heading Reference System. 

The ISA500 utilises a broadband composite transducer together with an advanced digital acoustic engine to provide the highest level of stability and range available from a 500kHz Altimeter.

With an optional integrated AHRS, the ISA500 has the ability to compensate for pitch and roll – providing a true altitude reading at all times. For applications where Altitude, Heading, Pitch & Roll are required; all can be provided from a single device.

The ISA500 is provided in a 4000m rated Titanium or 1000m rated Delrin® housing. The housing is available in forward looking or right angle configurations.  

The unit can be supplied without the AHRS. Alternative OEM configurations are available upon request. 

Download Brochure

Download Brochure


Depth Sensor Subsea ISD4000.png


  • 0.01% FS Accuracy
  • 0.01ºC Temperature Accuracy
  • Integrated AHRS (Heading, Pitch, Roll)
  • Free Intuitive Software
  • RS232 and RS485 Interfaces
  • Emulate Any Device
  • Robust Small Form Factor Housing
  • In-Field Firmware Updates
  • ROV & AUV Applications
  • Survey Grade

A Depth and Temperature sensor with optional integrated AHRS. Compact,  lightweight and highly robust, the ISD4000  is ideal for ROV, AUV and other underwater depth and temperature measurement applications.

The ISD4000  utilises the latest in depth sensing technology to provide a depth accuracy of ±0.01 % FS. Temperature is accurate to 0.01 °C.
With an optional integrated  AHRS, the ISD4000 provides a clear understanding of the position of the sensor at all times - ideal for asset deployment monitoring.

The ISD4000  is provided in a 4000m rated titanium housing.

Download Brochure

Download Brochure