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Flooded Member Detection

The ISFMD is the most advanced and reliable Flooded Member Detection (FMD) system available on the market today. The ISFMD utilizes acoustics instead of the typical gamma rays so it is safe and effective. The instrument is typically held by an ROV manipulator to record the measurements while all readings are shown visually in the seaView software package. A final report of all readings taken is automatically generated at the end of each session.

Our standard configuration comes with a titanium instrument, ROV holder, 0.5-meter interface whip, spare locking clips and o-rings, USB drive with SeaView software, FMD license, and user manual, quick start guide and transit case.

Flooded Member Detection


Frequency:                           500kHz Center                                                                                                                        400 to 600Hz  Bandwidth

Max Member Detection:  9 meters

Resolution:                           1 mm 

Depth Rating:                       6000 meters                                                                   

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