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The 3100 is EdgeTech's portable version of their highly successful sub-bottom profiler product line. The system utilizes EdgeTech's Full Spectrum CHIRP technology which provides higher resolution imagery of the sub-bottom structure and produces greater penetration. The 3100 is ideally suited for use in rivers, lakes, ponds, and shallow water ocean applications up to 300m max depth. The system was designed for customers that require a portable solution that can be used from smaller boats, while not wanting to sacrifice image quality.

A 3100 system comes with a choice of two towfish; either the SB-424 or SB-216S. These towfish operate at different frequency ranges and selection between the two depends on the type of application. The 424 operates at 4-24 kHz and will provide slightly higher resolution but less penetration. The 216S operates at 2-16 kHz and provides slightly less resolution but greater penetration. Along with a towfish, the 3100 system comes with a portable splash-proof topside processor with a laptop computer running EdgeTech’s DISCOVER software for display of the sonar data. The system comes standard with a 35m tow cable but customer-specified lengths are also available. 

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The EdgeTech 3200 Sub-bottom Profiling System is a wideband Frequency Modulated (FM) sub-bottom profiler utilizing EdgeTech’s proprietary Full Spectrum CHIRP technology. The 3200 generates high resolution images of the sub-bottom stratigraphy in oceans, lakes, and rivers and provides penetration  of up to 200m. 

The 3200 comes available with a choice of three stable, low drag towfish that operate at different frequencies and can be used at depths of up to 300m. The  selection of towfish depends on the sub-bottom characteristics as well as the resolution and penetration requirements. Along with a towfish, a standard 3200 system comes with a topside processor running EdgeTech’s DISCOVER sub-bottom acquisition & processing software as well as a customer-specified length of tow cable. Additional optional sensors are also available. 

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EDGETECH 2000 Series

The 2000 Series combines EdgeTech’s highly successful line of side scan sonars and sub-bottom profilers into one fully integrated system.

The combined side scan sonar and sub-bottom profiling system comes in a choice of three different towfish: 2000-CSS, 2000-DSS and 2000-TVD. The CSS comes with a low frequency 500 Hz – 12 kHz sub-bottom profiler and is designed for applications that require sub-bottom penetration in water depths of up to 300m. The DSS comes with a higher frequency 2 – 16 kHz sub-bottom profiler and is designed for applications that require high resolution sub-bottom imagery in depths of up to 2,000m. The 2000-TVD comes with a low frequency 1 – 10 kHz sub-bottom profiler and is depth rated to 3000 meters. All towfish come with the choice of either a 100/400 kHz or 300/600 kHz dual simultaneous frequency CHIRP side scan sonar which will provide an excellent combination of range and resolution.

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