Mckim & Creed

"From the very first time we met with ECHO81, we knew they were the right fit for us. We had expressed interest in a new multi beam system to update our older system. We had looked at several different manufacturers and spoken to some of our vendors. ECHO81 was the only one that came to our office, sat down with us and discussed our needs. They asked all the right questions and made a recommendation based on the majority of our survey services.

A couple of months later, we called them back with a purchase order number and they got the ball rolling, placing the order and scheduling a time and date to be here when our new system arrived. Damon and Lisa were on point with unpacking and checking to make sure all the equipment was included in the package. This was good, because a couple of small items were left out and we may not have caught the omissions immediately. The next morning the missing parts were delivered and the install was completed.

Both Damon and Lisa stayed with us for a week of installation, training our personnel and compiling a documented Install Report. This process was instrumental in the success of the installation and implementation of our new multi beam system. We even picked up a client while we were testing the system, as we identified an object they were looking for and had been unable to find!

It does not end there. During our very first project with the new system, Damon showed up on site to make sure everything was working properly and to see if we had any questions. It is these little things that count: no sales pressure, awesome support, industry-leading knowledge, and an invaluable team member. You get all that with ECHO81! "   

David Jones – McKim & Creed (USA)


EGS Brasil

"ECHO81 brings all of the important things together that shallow water surveying services need: to be treated with professionalism, predisposition, and commitment. Their knowledge, understanding of the client’s needs, and commitment to quality takes consulting in this particular matter to a whole new level."



LOXX Service

"I want to recognize the outstanding technical support provided by ECHO81 over the past few weeks. We bought an EdgeTech 6205 and needed to interface it with our existing hardware and software. ECHO81 proved to be the key to solving many problems and issues during the setup of our multibeam system. ECHO81 facilitated in solving many “unknowns” by doing remote computer sessions and several discussion over the phone. Damon also responded during one of his trips overseas from his cellular phone! They advised us to improve our existing hardware with many good tips. It is good to know that you write an email to ECHO81 and you will get a qualified and logical response. That kind of support is extremely valuable while working in the office and in the field in such a remote country."