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Impact Subsea

ISS 360

The ISS360 is the world's smallest and fastest imaging sonar, utilizing a broadband transducer and an advanced acoustic engine to provide excellent range and image clarity. It also has the option to supply roll, pitch, and heading measurements all within a single device. The instrument is typically hard mounted to an ROV to scan in front of, to the side of, or a full 360ᵒ scan of the surrounding area. The sonar is controlled by Impact Subsea’s seaView software, where the resulting scan is also displayed on the screen for the user to interpret.

Our standard configuration comes with a titanium instrument, 0.5-meter interface whip, USB drive with SeaView software and user manual, quick start guide, and transit case.

ISS360 Subsea Imaging
Subsea Imaging


Frequency:                           700kHz Center                                                                                                                        650 to 750kHz  Bandwidth

Range:                                   0.15 to 90 meters

Range Resolution:             7.5mm (100kHz CHIRP)

Beam Angle:                        23° Vertical at 700kHz                                                                                                            2.2° Horizontal at 700kHz 

Step Size (Selectable)      0.225°, 0.45°, 0.9°, 1.8°, 3.6° & 7.2°


Scan Angle:                          360° Continuous or Sector Scan

Roll/Pitch Accuracy:          0.2°                                                                                                                        

Heading Accuracy:             1°            

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