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Qinsy & Qimera

Qinsy is a survey planning, acquisition, and real-time hydrographic data processing solution, supporting a wide variety of industries, from simple single beam surveys to complex offshore construction works.

Qimera is a multibeam data processing and analysis software. From its inception, the mission of Qimera is to make hydrographic data processing as intuitive and as simple as possible, while still offering powerful capabilities to those that need them, without cluttering the workflow for those that don't.


Hypack & Hysweep Software

A complete hydrographic software suite used for the planning, acquisition, and processing for single beam and multibeam echosounders, side scan sonars, and magnetometers. Typically used to create charts and calculate volumes.


SonarWiz 7

A powerful and state of the art processing suite for side scan imagery, sub-bottom profiles, and magnetometer amplitudes. Typically used to create mosaics and target reports.



GNSS post-processing package capable of improving position and motion compensation in Delivers a range of satellite positioning services worldwide tailored for dredging and marine construction, hydrographic, wind farm, and oceanographic research sectors. Available by monthly or yearly subscriptions.

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